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Wednesday May 29, 2013

Article 1 – There are so many different ways to use Social Media – check out these unique ways you can use Social Media…

3 Ways Social Media Creates a Social Local Community
Are you looking for ways to engage with your employees and your local community? Are you using social media to create awareness for the services you offer? Keep reading as I reveal how a nursing home used social media to build a loyal local community. Nursing Homes and Social Media? Nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and […]

Article 2 – Writing a blog post is the first step – you should be promoting the post.  Check out 50 ways to promote your posts…

50 Ways to Promote and Market your Blog Posts
So you have hit the publish key on your latest blog post. The angels are singing, the sun is shining and a torrent of traffic is about to turn up. It is the best article you have ever written and it deserves some attention. It’s your baby. You spent time agonizing over the headline, the […]


Article 3 – Here is a useful article if you are using Facebook Ads….

Facebook Conversion Specs: How to Optimize for Page Post Ad Actions
Most advertisers do not realize that they can customize the way their Facebook ads are optimized through the use of conversion specs. Here’s how…Facebook Conversion Specs: How to Optimize for Page Post Ad Actions is a post from:


Article 4 – Creating fresh, unique and engaging content should be at the forefront of your online marketing efforts.  Here are 25 ways to create engaging content….

26 Ways to Create Engaging Content
Are you looking to create content that engages? Does your content connect with people and encourage them to engage? In this article I’ll show you 26 ways to make content that engages people, in an A-Z guide of tips. #1: Authors Matter Written content doesn’t exist without authors, whether constructing 140-character posts or 1000-word articles.  […]

Article 5 – Pinterest is an excellent source to drive traffic.   Check out three ways brands are using Pinterest…

3 Creative Ways Brands Are Using Pinterest
Are you looking for some creative ways to use Pinterest? Would you like to make stronger connections with your customers? Although many brands run creative contests on Pinterest, here are some new ways to engage audiences and build your presence. Take a look at what these 3 brands are doing to get inspiration for using […]

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