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Social Media Management is TIME CONSUMING!

So Check out this great time saving tool….

We are always on the lookout for time saving tips. If you post content to social media accounts on a regular basis, you will want to check out:

GET BUFFER HERE is an application that actually installs into your web browser (we use Google Chrome). This application saves an enormous amount of time researching and posting content you find on the internet to your social media accounts.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you spend 30 minutes a week researching topics to post to your social media accounts. Instead of copying the URL and pasting it to a document (or even Evernote) for future reference, all you need to do is hit your “buffer icon” located in your toolbar.

A second screen pops up and asks you where you would like to post your newly found content (we have our set up for Facebook and Twitter). All you have to do is select which social media account and hit the enter button. THAT’s IT! Your new content will enter a que to post to your selected account. The new content will then be distributed at random times (assuming you have selected multiple pieces of content to post). You can actually set up preferred times you would like the content to get posted. We really like this feature because not all of your newly found content will get posted at once — it will be spread out.

There is some minor set up involved- i.e. linking your facebook and twitter accounts with You can literally be up and running in under 5 minutes.

Oh, and did I mention this service is FREE?! The free version should be plenty robust for the average business posting to their own social media accounts. There is a paid version if you manage multiple social media accounts – which is still an enormous savings.

We have found this app to be an enormous time saver and strongly recommend you check it out!

To Your Success,

– Jesse Erickson