Social Media Tip – How to Save Time Posting To Your Facebook Fanpage

Here is a HUGE Time Saving Tip That Will Allow You To Schedule Your Facebook Posts

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00:23 – The Problem with Posting to Facebook
01:01 – Scheduling Your Posts on Facebook
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Video Transcript:

Hey, It’s Jesse Erickson, Here for your weekly tip and this week I want to share a really cool time saving trick to help you post to your facebook fan page. Now  you should be posting  to your fan page atleast once per day that’s the general rule depending of what industry of you of course . The problem is it is extremely time consuming to log in to your account find content each and everyday to post so facebook actually has a feature were you can schedule post and not all people know about it. You can actually go in and set up post for a week in advance, two weeks in advance and even a month in advance but I don’t  really recommend that but see if you are going in a vacation and you want to make sure that keep up with your regular schedule posting. Facebook allow you to do that and I’m going to show how to do that. Come on in  into the inside and let me show to this really cool feature.

Okay, here is my facebook fan page and I’m going to show how to use the schedule post feature. What I’ve done is I grab a link from one of my website and I’m just going to put it in there and put a check now this free cool app. right down here is a little icon just like a time clock, if you click that, this is the feature that you been looking for. It allows you  to schedule post. Add here 2013 and a month.  April 30th and an hour and what nicest is it allows you to schedule anytime so you can add as many as you want and schedule them throughout the day if you like.

Okay, so once you hit the schedule. Your post has been scheduled feature. It will show up here and you can view it right here in your activity log. Now I did this earlier when I setting things up, so you can see I have two post that has been schedule for today, I’m  sorry  for tomorrow. So what’s really cool about this . It is not limited you can go back and do this as many days as you like. If you want a whole bunch of content out for the week or even a month. You can go in and schedule it. Basically, set it forget it. Now, you would  definitely check that to make sure that you monitoring what people are saying about your page but this is a huge time saving tip, time saving feature that facebook offers not a whole lot of people knows about it. There’s one thing that you have to be aware of, that you have to have all this information filled out in your fan page right in here for some reason it will not allow you to schedule post so much you have got all your information filled out. If you start to use this feature and you noticing this little thing down at the bottom is not showing up that’s because you don’t have this part filled out, you have not filled out all the basic information about your company in your fan page.

Hopefully, this tip is beneficial  for you and if you have any questions post down below and will get back to you as soon as possible. Take care.

Topic: How To Save Time Posting To Your Facebook Fanpage